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Mayto Hotel was mainly born from the idea to construct a family beach house but little by little it adapted and now we have twelve rooms providing you services that include air conditioning, television, hot water and a beautiful beach view.

The hotel restaurant is located right on the beach and is open from 9am to 9pm providing a variety of meals for all tastes but obviously having a fantastic selection of sea food dishes. Fresh fish is supplied daily from the fishing village located just a few kilometers away.

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Mayto (The Beach):

Mayto Beach is a virgin beach some 9 kilometers long. Located close to the hotel is an organization to protect sea turtles: La Casa de la Sra. Camila run by the University of Guadalajara. The turtle season extends from July to November.

Mayto's beach sand is smooth and clean. It is excellent for adults that like to find relaxation by taking long walks on the silky sand, enjoying the smoothness of it, and viewing the clearness of the tropical blue water creating beautiful waves. Children also enjoy creating big sand castles in this great clean smooth stretch of beach and for those that like a bit more adventure quads are available to rent close by to take you to the other end of the bay and beach.

Mayto (The Town):

Mayto is a small town just a few minutes away on the edge of the coast of the state of Jalisco. There are approximately 200 residents and it is located 3 kilometers from the beach.

Hotel Mayto

The majority of residents live off agriculture and raising cattle. Fifteen minutes from Mayto is Tehuamiztle (or Tehua). It is a small bay consiting of mostly fisherman. You see tourists around this bay enjoying the traditional fresh sea food restaurants and finding activities such as taking boat rides.


Hotel Mayto