The Incredible Wachters' Story

Since 1932, Wachters' Organic Sea Products has manufactured and distributed a unique array of nutritional products, using the highest pharmaceutical grade ingredients. All products are manufactured in a special labor-intensive process without heat or moisture, thus preserving integrity of the ingredients. No preservatives, colorings, artificial flavors, sugar, starch, or animal products and by products are used in preparation of our nutritionals. Wachters’ Exclusive Blend of Sea Vegetation®, the spark plug of every Wachters’ product, provides unequalled bioavailability of the ingredients to the user.* All Wachters’ nutritionals are manufactured in our own facilities, giving the consumer assurance of the quality of ingredients and their manufacture.

Wachters’ has been manufacturing the highest quality nutritional supplements with our Exclusive Blend of Sea Vegetation since 1932. Dr. Joseph Wachter Sr. was cured by the use of sea vegetation when he was told he had a very limited time left to live. This started his quest to bring the healing benefits to mankind, even before he knew the incredible nutritional benefits of sea vegetation that we know today.

How did Dr. Joseph V. Wachter Sr. discover this amazing source of nutrition? Well, it is often said that Wachters’ story which marks the beginning was almost the end!

Joseph V Wachter was an accomplished concert pianist in Eastern Europe, at a very young age, making his home in Vienna, Austria. Due to increased responsibilities of the concert stage, he neglected his physical well being and collapsed on the stage of a Hungarian Concert Hall when he was 17 years of age. He was told upon returning home, that he had contracted tuberculosis and had only six months to live. Thus he abandoned his concert career. And that’s the beginning of a story that almost had a tragic ending.

Journeying through Europe to the coast of France and then by boat to Canada and to the wilds of South Eastern Alaska, young Joseph Wachter decided to see the world as he had such a short period of time to live. While in Alaska, becoming acquainted with such personalities as Jack London, he fell under the spell of the native Clinget and Hyda Indian cultures and their ways of nutrition and natural healing. Placing himself in their hands, he experienced the wonders and secrets of the sea and was treated by them with what they called the “Herbs of the Sea”. He was given various treatments and foods composed of sea vegetation that restored him to vigorous health and stamina.

So complete and miraculous was his recovery that he believed here in the ancient rituals of the Indians lay secrets of a vast, untapped reservoir of food from the sea that must be brought to mankind. And so he began on a journey undertaken by not other man before or since. He walked from Nome, Alaska to New York City. And as he walked he studied the ancient traditions, customs, nutritional habits and cultures of the Alaskan, Canadian and Washington Indians and began to see the wonders of a long lost nutrition form the sea that could be brought to modern man.

After having walked some 10,920 miles to New York City, he began a journey to California. Traveling through the southwest on his journey, he began to study the medicine man’s herbal and natural methods of healing in the various Indian tribes he encountered. Arriving in San Francisco, he began an earnest project of research in the field of nutrition from The World’s Garden of the Sea, knowing this was his destiny.

During this time he contacted Professor Josephine Tilden and together they began exploring the various species of sea vegetation to create the foundation for the Wachters Exclusive Blend of Sea Vegetation.

Ounce for ounce, Wachters’ Exclusive Blend of Sea Vegetation is higher in vitamins and minerals than any other food on the planet and also contains the ancestral and restorative source of all life – the ocean.

Did you know that you are a walking ocean? You body fluids have the same salinity, mineral content and pH as sea water. 10,000 species of sea vegetation in our oceans also contain all of the vitamins, major and trace minerals, amino acids and enzymes necessary for the healthy mind and body.
Mineral deficiencies are at the root of many physical and mental diseases. According to the US Senate document #264, 99% of Americans have a mineral deficiency, any of which could result in disease. These nutrients are found at a rate of 40 times more than in any land grown plants. Sea vegetables do not absorb the pollutants of the ocean the way land plants absorb toxins from the soil, water and air. The salinity and the pH of sea water act as a barrier to pollutants which can accumulate only on the outside.

Research has concluded that the lack of organic minerals and over processing of our foods has lead the USA to have the largest amount of degenerative diseases in the world. Due to nuclear reactor accidents, nuclear bomb tests and just sitting in front of the computer or TV our bodies have to deal with high levels of radioactive iodine and strontium 90. It can remain in our bodies for life, causing bone, blood and
endocrine system damage, leading to disease and cancer. According to US government statistics, almost everyone who lived in the USA in the 50’s and drank milk has some strontium 90 in their bones where red blood cells are made. Strontium 90 can be removed from the bones with sea vegetation. It causes strontium to be resecreted into gastrointestinal tract where sodium alginate from sea vegetables binds to the strontium and is excreted through the bowel.

Radioactive iodine 101 is a worldwide pollutant which disrupts the endocrine and reproductive systems. If there is not enough organic iodine in the diet, the thyroid will absorb the radioactive iodine.

The EPA has done some research on algin binding with excess heavy metals in the body such as cadmium, barium and zinc and eliminating them through the colon. Sea vegetations also dissolve fat and mucus deposits in the body and help to eliminate them through the colon. They are a good source of fiber, cellulose and protein for better peristaltic action of the colon. The antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal properties of seaweeds are being researched in addition to anticancer studies that are underway.

Sea vegetables have a high Vitamin B ratio and support us with two B Vitamins necessary for energy production. When supplies of necessary nutrients like the B-vitamins are inadequate, stressful times can exhaust the adrenal glands resulting in chronic fatigue, reduced resistance to allergies and infection, and a feeling of being overwhelmed or overly anxious. Sea Vegetation can help. The green algae are particularly high in Vitamin B 12 content and it accumulates mainly in the cell walls. This is why Wachters’ in its blend uses whole species of algae of different varieties, colors and families blending them together in their sun dried form preserving the structure of the cellular wall, the importance of which is seen in its Vitamin B 12 content. Folic acid activity is found in brown species of sea plants and research has shown that seasonal variations of folic acid activity are great. Thus it is that careful harvesting at the proper time that is most important. Pantothenic acid is generally higher in green and red sea plants than it is in the brown sea plants. Niacin and Vitamin C are more potent in the red and brown algae.
Organic sea vegetables are a very good source of magnesium, which has also been shown to reduce high blood pressure and prevent heart attacks.

Seaweeds are especially rich in calcium and iodine. It also supplies chromium (essential for glucose utilization), zinc (for collagen strength and healthy skin), iron, potassium, copper, sulfur, silver, tin, zirconium, phosphorous, and silicon (crucial to skin elasticity), magnesium, manganese, boron, bromides and other trace minerals necessary for health.

The most important nutrient is organic iodine. This is particularly crucial for inland iodine-poor soil, such as the Great Lakes area and in central Europe. Natural iodine from sea vegetation helps to facilitate the passage of nutrients into the mitochondria. It also helps to nourish the thyroid gland and maintain good thyroxin balance.

The thyroid function affects the metabolism. Often obesity and iodine deficiencies are related.

Among the species that have been used in the Wachters’ Blend of Sea Vegetation are from the red, brown and green family of sea plants such as:
Sargassum, Arthrothamnus, Ecklonia, Laminaria, Chondrus, Rhodymenia, Alaria, Eisenia, Undaria, Laver, Fucus, Palmaria, Gelidium, Ascophyllum, Gracilaria, Macrocystis, Lessonia, Hypnea, Gigartina, Cloustonii, and Porphyra.

The species selected for including in the Wachters’ Blend of Sea Vegetation are specifically chosen for their mineral, trace mineral, vitamin, enzyme, protein, plant hormone, plant growth stimulator, plant cell regulator, plant cell stimulant, and other micro food factors. In addition we also select our sea weed species according to nutritional content, cleanliness and quality.

Why Sea Vegetation is for you:

1. These minerals are naturally chelated by Nature’s Laboratory
2. Contains the only natural vegetable source of Vitamin D in large amounts
3. Contains chlorophyll which is the life blood of all plants and plays an important role in transforming light energy into energy.
4. Contains natural enzymes, cell growth regulators, plant hormones and cell stimulant factors which give energy to human cells.
5. Contains sodium alginate which removes radioactive strontium 90 from the body
6. The Blend is a combination of many species of sea vegetation from many different families of plants. The various species are selected for their color, nutritional content and absorbability allowing for the highest nutritional benefit.
7. Harvested at peak ripeness and maturity for their nutritional content
8. Harvested by hand and sun dried to preserve the natural enzymes and the life essence contained within the plant cells
9. The sea plants gather light energy from the sun’s rays, convert it into electrical energy and store it as chemical energy for use of mankind.
10. Man’s blood is ideally adapted to sea vegetation
11. Contains 61 naturally chelated minerals and trace minerals and more than 20 vitamins
12. All vitamins and minerals from our blend are in a naturally absorbable colloidal form

The Wachters’ Blend of Sea Vegetation is an overwhelming collection of health nourishing nutrients. The species selected for inclusion in the Wachters’ Blend of Sea Vegetation are specifically chosen for their mineral, trace mineral, vitamin, enzyme, protein, plant hormone, plant growth stimulator, plant cell regulator, plant cell stimulant and other micro food factors. The Wachters’ Blend contains all of the right
ingredients so when the supplements are taken into the body, complete assimilation occurs, allowing the body to receive total benefit.

Health is life’s highest reward. The Wachters Blend of Sea Vegetation helps to create the energy needed by the body to help create real health and vitality. The Blend helps the body to heal itself. Positive energy is the most exciting exhilarating experience you will ever have.

Wachters’ Spreading Good Nutrition Around the World

Carrie Minucianni, CEO